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  • Jan
Crypto Tax – An Opportunity for Accountants in the Digital Era

Cryptocurrencies are building themselves a niche within the accounting world. A growing number of traders now seek the help of accountants for crypto tax calculations and record-keeping. But the question remains, should accountants dive into this growing market?   Regardless of your opinion on cryptocurrencies, there is no escaping the fact that they are becoming…

Crypto Tax
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  • Dec
The Best Crypto Tax Calculators for UK traders

With HMRC cracking down on taxing cryptocurrencies, it’s time to discover the tools that will make life easier for you when declaring crypto tax. Crypto taxes are taxed depending on the level of activity. The most common form of taxation is Capital Gains Tax (CGT); however, if you conduct high levels of activity, similar to…

Many SMEs lose money at least one month a year
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Receipt Bank: The Go-to App for Effortless Bookkeeping

Save Time and Money Managing Your Expenses With Receipt Bank Irrespective of whether you’re a big or small SME, already established or are just starting out, managing your costs and accurately tracking expenses is fundamental to your path of business growth and success. You can go about this in one of two ways – either…