Corporation Tax
Corporate taxes
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The UK is Set to Plummet 16 Places in the Global CT League Table

The UK Government’s decision to put up Corporation Tax from 19% to 25%, taking effect from next April, will cause the country to fall 16 places on the global ‘league table’ for corporate tax, from sixth to 21st.  That is the finding of new research reported by Accountancy Today and shows the stark impact of…

Tax Increases Salary & Dividend Combinations
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The Best Dividends and Salary Combinations for 2022/23

The tax rates and allowances for the new tax year have already been published, and the National Insurance contributions have been shrouded in controversy. Which leaves us questioning, what is the best combination of salary and dividends for the upcoming tax year? The Spring 2022 Budget confirmed the employee NIC threshold for 2022/23 has increased…

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Budget 2021: Updates

This week, the Chancellor delivered the government’s Budget for 2021. Mr Sunak announced extensions to a number of the current COVID-19 schemes, as well as additional support for individuals and businesses. Below is a breakdown of some of the key measures for employers. To get the full details on all of Budget 2021 measures announced…

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UK Budget 2021: corporation tax rate set to rise to 25% from 2023, but ‘super deduction’ also announced by Chancellor

In this week’s Budget, it was announced corporation tax rate will rise to 25% from 2023 to help pay back the UK’s riding debts; but a temporary 130% ‘super deduction’ capital allowance on qualifying plant and machinery investments will be available. Corporation tax rate changes in 2023 Chancellor Rishi Sunak has confirmed plans to raise…