Cryptocurrencies on the rise
  • 28
  • Feb
JPMorgan Believe Cryptocurrencies will have Widespread Adoption in 2022

The big American investment bank JPMorgan has predicted that cryptocurrency will have a much broader acceptance in 2022 from mainstream investors and companies. Earlier this year, JPMorgan equity research analyst Kenneth Worthington claimed that 2022 could be when cryptos become more mainstream within the financial world. He stated:  “2022 has the potential to be the…

Cryptocurrency tax services
  • 19
  • Jan
Crypto Tax – An Opportunity for Accountants in the Digital Era

Cryptocurrencies are building themselves a niche within the accounting world. A growing number of traders now seek the help of accountants for crypto tax calculations and record-keeping. But the question remains, should accountants dive into this growing market?   Regardless of your opinion on cryptocurrencies, there is no escaping the fact that they are becoming…

  • 11
  • May
2020 declared ‘Year of the Start-up’ due to record levels of UK business creation

Last year may have been one of the toughest years UK business has seen in living memory, but it also saw the setting of an all-time record that should serve as an encouraging sign for the future of British entrepreneurship.  According to figures from digital payments specialist Tyl by Natwest, a whopping 770,000 new businesses…

  • 23
  • Mar
Sunak ‘awaiting US stance before deciding on online sales tax’

According to the Financial Times, UK government officials have revealed that Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak will not make a decision on a prospective online sales tax until the autumn.  The newspaper indicated that Mr Sunak was apparently waiting to see whether President Joe Biden’s administration in the United States would signal support for…

Many SMEs lose money at least one month a year
  • 27
  • Nov
Receipt Bank: The Go-to App for Effortless Bookkeeping

Save Time and Money Managing Your Expenses With Receipt Bank Irrespective of whether you’re a big or small SME, already established or are just starting out, managing your costs and accurately tracking expenses is fundamental to your path of business growth and success. You can go about this in one of two ways – either…

software development R&D
  • 30
  • Jul
R&D in Software Development: What are the overlooked complexities?

R&D in Software Development: The Complexities of Claims Uncovered As everyday processes become increasingly digitised, businesses continue to invest in software development and IT to evolve and streamline how they operate. This has without a doubt become a priority for many businesses when responding to COVID-19, as they’ve need to cleverly, and rapidly, adapt their…