Business hope for enhanced support
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  • Nov
Rishi Sunak’s appointment as Prime Minister leaves business figures hoping for enhanced support

It is not exactly news that the UK has gone through turbulent times, both politically and economically, in recent years – and indeed, even just in recent weeks. The latest such development has seen one-time Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak installed as Prime Minister, succeeding Liz Truss following the backlash the latter faced in…

Liz Truss promises to review IR35
  • 30
  • Aug
Liz Truss pledges IR35 review if she becomes Prime Minister – but will promises finally turn into action?

Many an independent professional could be forgiven for feeling an overpowering sense of déjà vu in response to a declaration recently made by Liz Truss, the favourite to win the ongoing Conservative Party leadership contest. She promises to look into the controversial IR35 legislation if she wins the race to succeed Boris Johnson as UK…

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  • Apr
Parliamentary group urges amendment to ‘flawed’ IR35 rules

This month has seen long-anticipated new off-payroll working rules take effect, after a year of coronavirus-related delays. The reform, which kicked in from 6th April, is aimed at helping HM Revenue & Customs to assess whether a contractor is genuine or essentially being used as a “disguised employee” for tax purposes.  The Government has argued…

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  • Mar
Half of the UK’s freelancers say they’ll cease contracting once IR35 reform takes effect

In another development that will be of little surprise to workers taking advantage of our own accountancy for contractors in Plymouth and Wellington, a new survey has revealed that half (50%) of contractors plan to stop contracting in the UK after IR35 rule changes are introduced in April.  The UK government’s reforms of the off-payroll…

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  • Mar
Self-employed workers in the UK call for delay to IR35 reform

A new poll has found that most of the UK’s self-employed individuals are seemingly unprepared for the changes to off-payroll working rules – also known as IR35 – that are set to take effect from April.  As reported by LondonlovesBusiness and elsewhere, a survey of more than 500 self-employed people found that only 3% of…