Unpaid tax at lowest ever.
  • 17
  • Aug
More than half of UK small firms at risk of going under due to rising fuel and energy costs

It has been dominating the news agenda lately regarding the impact on households, but it’s worth bearing in mind that businesses are greatly adversely affected, too; yes, we’re referring to the continuing and intensifying crisis surrounding fuel and energy costs.  More specifically, according to the findings of a poll by a leading insurance provider of…

HMRC cracks down on fraud
  • 29
  • Jul
Rising fraud R&D claims force HMRC to act

R&D tax relief claims are taking longer to process, leading to longer waiting times for companies expecting the tax relief. HMRC has been forced to take action to reduce fraudulent claims. Those processing the claims are asking for additional information to confirm the claims by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) qualify for the tax credit.…