Sustainable workplace travel grant
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  • Jan
Plymouth Work Place Travel Grant

Urgent notice for Plymouth businesses! The deadline for applying for a Plymouth workplace travel grant is the 31st of January 2022. After events such as COP26, the UK’s priority is to move towards zero emissions across all sectors. To achieve that mission, there is help on offer for businesses looking to reduce their emissions. Besides…

misconceptions on R&D
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  • Dec
The Most Common Misconception in R&D Tax Credit Claims

Many companies and businesses believe that you can only claim tax credits for successful R&D projects. We’re here to tell you they’re wrong. Throughout history, scientists and inventors would agree that failure is an essential part of research and that without it, none of their great discoveries, inventions, or theories would have been achieved. HMRC…

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  • Mar
Spring Budget 2021: what’s the latest on R&D tax relief?

In last week’s Budget, the government confirmed its commitment to ensuring the UK remains a competitive place for cutting-edge research. Although the Chancellor didn’t uncover any extensive or immediate changes to R&D relief in his Budget speech, he did announce the previously announced SME cap will go ahead, and that the government will carry out…