Tax Insights
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  • Jan
Time To Pay Arrangements – Spreading the Cost of Your January 2021 Tax Bill

As individuals and businesses continue to be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, many will be concerned about their UK tax implications, especially if they are unable to pay them on time.  So, how are HMRC helping people with their January tax bill? With taxpayers facing tax debts this quarter (whether this is income tax or…

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  • Jan
Britons Urged to Act Quickly to Beat Self-Assessment Deadline

It’s that time again; not only is it a whole New Year, but it’s also time for the many millions of Britons required to complete a self-assessment tax return to do so by midnight on 31st January.  Of course, we realise here at TS Partners that some of you will have done the deed already.…

self assessment
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  • Nov
Self Assessment Customers Warned About Scammers Posing as HMRC

HMRC is warning self assessment taxpayers completing their returns to take care to avoid being caught out by scammers. As the department issues thousands of SMS messages and emails as part of its annual Self Assessment tax return push, customers have been told to be alert of the danger of scammers posing as the tax…

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  • Oct
Latest HMRC figures show largest boost yet for innovative UK companies

HMRC has released the latest statistics for the value of Research and Development Tax Credits covering 2018-19 so far, and with £5.3 billion claimed already, it highlights the biggest boost to innovative UK companies yet. To date, an impressive £33.3bn has been claimed in R&D tax relief overall, and there’s no sign of the continued…

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  • Sep
Fuelling Maritime Innovation With R&D Tax Credits

The UK continues to drive innovation in the maritime and marine industry, with businesses frequently embarking on ambitious projects in order to create an advance and overcome various technical challenges in their work. This has only been amplified by Brexit, trade conflicts & Covid-19. Although creating many challenges, these uncertain times have also presented unique…

software development R&D
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  • Jul
R&D in Software Development: What are the overlooked complexities?

R&D in Software Development: The Complexities of Claims Uncovered As everyday processes become increasingly digitised, businesses continue to invest in software development and IT to evolve and streamline how they operate. This has without a doubt become a priority for many businesses when responding to COVID-19, as they’ve need to cleverly, and rapidly, adapt their…

capital allowances
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  • Jul
Why Claiming Capital Allowances for Commercial Property Isn’t Always Straightforward

Overcoming the Complexities of Capital Allowances and Commercial Property Capital Allowances (CA) are the hidden gem of UK corporation tax, providing a vital opportunity to offset some of the costs of a business. Although many tax advisors and accountants dealing with business tax are already accustomed to managing CA, the introduction of new and complex…

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  • Apr
Incentives Available for Innovative Businesses Following Budget 2020

The new Conservative Government was expected to provide stimulus for UK businesses operating outside the EU post-Brexit and measures to support innovation were announced in Rishi Sunak’s first budget.   In summary, research and development expenditure (RDEC) rate has increased from 12% to 13% from 1 April 2020, public research and development (R&D) investment will be…

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  • Apr
How R&D Tax Credits Can Provide Financial Support for Your Business

R&D Tax Credits are a government-backed incentive that have been around for about 20 years, offering lucrative cash rebates to companies overcoming challenges in their work. For many businesses under extreme cash flow stress during these uncertain times, an R&D claim that was previously overlooked (or they simply weren’t aware of) could be worth looking…

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  • Mar
Innovation within the Food and Beverage Industry

R&D Tax Credits for Food and Drink Manufacturers The food and beverage industry is worth hundreds of millions of pounds a year and is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK. There is substantial pressure on companies to offer food and drink that costs less, is healthier, longer-lasting and more ethically produced than ever before.…

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  • Jan
Hidden R&D in Manufacturing

What manufacturers should understand about R&D It’s often easier to identify innovation with a new product, so it’s no surprise that many manufacturing companies are carrying out work that qualifies for research and development (R&D) tax credits.  In fact, the manufacturing industry is one of the sectors making the highest number of claims overall. Businesses…

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  • Jun
Uncovering the R&D in Architecture

Architecture shapes the world we live in. From schools to libraries, our homes to our workplaces, every building we inhabit in one way or another influences our way of living. The UK is renown on the world stage for its pioneering architecture, with some the best international practices based here. Such architects have helped to…