R&D in Maritime

The UK continues to drive innovation in the maritime and marine industry, with businesses frequently embarking on ambitious projects in order to create an advance and overcome various technical challenges in their work.

This has only been amplified by Brexit, trade conflicts & Covid-19. Although creating many challenges, these uncertain times have also presented unique opportunities for continued homegrown innovation in marine tech.

If your maritime business has faced technical uncertainties when trying to overcome a particular problem, or took risks to develop a new way of doing things, it’s pretty likely R&D was involved at some stage – which can also be rewarded by Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits.

In this difficult and financially unpredictable period, maritime SMEs should focus on unlocking their R&D to help secure their own growth and drive UK marine advancements forward.

Examples of eligible activities

  • Designing hydrodynamics to improve speed
  • Building cleaner engines
  • Developing a new marine mechanical product
  • Creating an improved maintenance service
  • Developing innovative production processes for more economic or repeatable production
  • Modifying or adapting drone technology
  • New bathymetry/hydrography products
  • New construction techniques, corrosion protection and damage resilience


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